Hello, world!

Hello, and welcome to the BCLA LGBTQ Interest Group website. We’re glad you’re here!

We’re launching this new website in the hopes that it will enable us to:

  • reach out to LGBTQ library staff throughout British Columbia,
  • provide resources for LGBTQ library staff and allies working to create safe and welcoming spaces within our communities,
  • advocate for LGBTQ library staff and community members in our province.

We will be regularly posting exciting and informative content here on our blog, including:

  • Book reviews and recommended reads/views/listens
  • Examples of community-led work or community voices from across B.C.
  • Spotlights on what other provinces are doing to serve LGBTQ communities
  • Information on relevant, topical issues facing libraries and LGBTQ communities today
  • Interviews with an interesting and diverse group of individuals
  • And more!

Do you know about a great LGBTQ community resource in your area? Have you heard about a new LGBTQ program or initiative at a library within B.C. or around the world? Is there an issue or question that you’d like to discuss with your fellow group members? Get in touch! We would love to hear from you. This is your blog, your website, your interest group, and everyone is welcome.

Thanks for joining us on this great adventure, and talk to you soon.

Your LGBTQ co-chairs,

Lindsey Krabbenhoft and Jane Whittingham

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