21 LGBTQ Picture Books Every Kid Should Read

The Advocate has released a list of 21 LGBTQ Picture Books to share with every kid (regardless of orientation or identity).

This list includes well-known titles like And Tango Makes Three and Heather Has Two Mommies as well as picture books you might not be familiar with yet, like Square Zair Pair and Call Me Tree. There’s an impressive variety of titles which include stories about trans children, gender neutral children, and queer children of colour.

PicMonkey Collage

How many of these great picture books have you read?

2 thoughts on “21 LGBTQ Picture Books Every Kid Should Read

  1. I used to read The Sissy Duckling to two young girls I used to babysit all the time, to the point that I had to ban it for bedtime reading. There’s only so many times I can read a picture book on a weekly basis before I get sick of it.

    It’s good to see that there are some books I haven’t heard of.


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