Top Ten Books by Trans Authors Featuring Trans Characters

Here’s another potential resource for collections development and/or reader’s advisory with a focus on trans-themed materials for young people: Britain’s The Guardian newspaper has released a top-10 list of YA/middle grade books featuring trans characters and written by trans/gender neutral/non binary authors. As the article’s author, teenage writer John Hansen, explains,

Cisgender authors can write great trans characters, but trans authors live the experiences of their characters every day and their voices need to be the loudest on trans issues..

The author goes on to argue that there is a considerable lack of literature for young people featuring trans or non-binary characters, and that much of the literature that does exist, including the more visible titles like Lisa Williamson’s The Art of Being Normal, is actually written by cis authors.

Many of the titles listed in the article are published by small presses and may not be widely available, but they might be worth seeking out online for your library’s patrons or to add to your collection.

You can see the list in its entirety on The Guardian’s website here.

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