Call for Papers – See Also : UBC iSchool Student Journal

See Also: UBC iSchool Student Journal Special Edition – Queerly Seeking Information

Since the 2000s there has been a variety of scholarship associated with queer people and their information practices. This has been theoretical, practitioner-based, and a myriad of other ways that best illustrate this population’s information needs and practices. The scholarship, from within and outside of information studies, demonstrates that queer people have unique relationships with information and the associated technologies.There have been questions pertaining to the mobilization of queer knowledge, the ‘(un)fun gay’ in social media, democratization of knowledge through queer archives, queer social networks, queering of big data, and the ways LGBTQ people seek information. As the profession of librarianship has become more aware and engaged with critical theory through the #critlib movement, it is necessary for further development from those within and outside of the field engaged in information studies. Furthermore, there have been advancements in technology (i.e., different applications) and new areas of scholarship (i.e., big data) it is necessary to provide fresh insight about these topics. With a queer population or theoretical framework, there is the opportunity to trouble and/or provide further perspectives on these timely topics.

See Also is welcoming, for the first time, a special edited section targeted for papers from within or outside of the UBC iSchool community. This special edition is interested in themes related, but not limited, to queer: information seeking; community engagement, social networks, archival practices, cyberspaces, big data, arts-based material, and experimental theory or creative expressions. There are a variety of submissions that will be accepted: works in progress, research proposal, interventions or manifestos, empirical or theoretical papers, projects related to professional practice, and creative projects (not limited to: art, photography, poetry, creative writing). Authors can be from other iSchools, Information Studies or other social science programs, public/population health, the humanities, STEM, or community-based/independent scholars.

To be considered for this CFP, a 200 – 300 word abstract must be sent by August 1, 2016 to Blake Hawkins, guest section editor, ( By August 8, 2016 you will receive a response from the guest section editor, and a final draft will be expected by October 1, 2016.

Papers can vary in length, in consultation with the guest section editor. See Also is an open access journal and the articles are under a Creative Commons license. 

Contact Information:

Blake Hawkins (@blake_w_hawkins)

University of British Columbia, iSchool

Guest section editor, See Also

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