Member Profile : Amara Charters

12366059_10153769149266798_9041897186378216174_oHello everyone! My name is Amara, and I’m an auxiliary Library Technician for the Vancouver Public Library. I graduated from the Langara Lib Tech program in 2014 and started at VPL in January 2015. I mainly work at the Central Library in Children’s and Teens Services, but can occasionally be found out at a branch. Mostly I work the information desk, but sometimes I get to help with programs. My girlfriend is a shelver and LAII at VPL, and it’s fun to work together sometimes.

My dream career move is to permanently work in Children’s and Teens Services. My library passion is Queer and Trans YA, and I would love to somehow work with queer and trans, homeless, and/or mentally ill youth. I was probably a social worker in another life.

I also volunteer with the YWCA with their Welcome to My Life program, an eight week after school program for Grade 7 girls that helps them in the transition to high school. It covers such topics as internet safety, nutrition, and healthy relationships.

In my spare time I embroider (I’ve even got an etsy shop) and watch a lot of Netflix. I live with my sister, two cats, and a one-eared hamster.

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