Where Are All The LGBTQ+ Book Subscription Boxes?

My family and I celebrate Christmas, and I like to get my gift shopping done early. As I was wandering around the internet looking for wow inducing gifts, I stumbled upon the website for Gertrude Press, a non-profit organization that publishes Gertrude, a queer literary journal. On their homepage is this image:


Intrigued, I look a little further. The Gertie Book Club is a box of two new literary works by LGBTQ+ authors sent every three months, and there are three subscription options: The Boy Box (gay fiction only), The Girl Box (lesbian fiction only), and The Queer Box (anything goes). Other than Gertrude, Gertrude Press mainly publishes poetry and/or chapbooks, and it seems to me that that is what would mostly be in this box. I figured I’d pass, but I got thinking about other LGBTQ+ book subscription boxes and if there was one more to my liking, so back to Google I went.

Subscription boxes have become a very “in” thing, from ones for dog and cat owners, make-up enthusiasts, tea drinkers, and everything in between and outside. The other year I bought a quarterly make-up box as a Christmas gift for my sister, and currently subscribe to a bimonthly box filled with cat treats and toys. They are a fun surprise and have proven to be great gifts. I was hoping that if there was one LGBTQ+ book box out there, there must be more.

There aren’t (at least that my Google skills could find).

Sure, there are a few LGBTQ+ boxes that send sex toys, undies, and even binders for trans men, but no other book boxes. While this should not have surprised me, I was still disappointed. How can there only be one literary subscription box dedicated specifically to LGBTQ+ material and authors? How are we to create such a thing?

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