Books With LGBTQIA Asian Protagonists

Looking to amp up the diversity of your reading in 2017? Struggling to find literature that reflects the reality of your library’s complicated, diverse, colourful and incredible community? Lamenting the lack of representation that still plagues mainstream publishing?

Thank goodness for bloggers like  Nazahet Hernandez, who are using their blogs as online platforms to promote diverse literature and to connect readers (and teachers and library staff!) with just the right books. Hernandez’s blog, Read Diverse Books, is “committed to reviewing, discussing, and promoting books written by and about people of color and other marginalized voices.”

Finding fiction with POC LGBTQ protagonists can be a major challenge, but Read Diverse Books has a list of over FORTY titles with Queer Asian representation to get you started. Each title is linked to its Goodreads page, making it easier for readers to assess and explore each title.

If you work with teen or adult readers, or just want to shake up your own reading life to include more LGBTQ+ and other diverse works, definitely check out Read Diverse Booksand join in the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #ReadDiverse2017.

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